vendredi 14 novembre 2008

R.I.P Domain Tasting!

R.I.P Domain Tasting!

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On January 29th, 2008, Jay Westerdal said Domain Tasting will die in 2008! Well said, Jay!

Now with domain tasting down 84% on dot-com since ICANN implemented its 20 cent fee, and a percentage drop over 85% on dot-net, this time Domain Tasting will definitely end, as we can see it on the diagram below:

And here are the detailed figures according to Verisign monthly reports:

Note the peak of more than 60 million tasted domains in July 2007, and globally more than 1,25 billion drops during 3 years and a half.

With the success of the new ICANN policy aiming to end domain tasting, each registrar will have a testing limit of drops in the AGP and won't be able to claim refunds on domains less than 5 days old if the claim is for 50 domains or more than 10% of the registrar's monthly registration volume, whichever is greater.

According to ICANN:
Beginning on [1 March 2009], Operators may no longer provide refunds to Registrars for AGP deletes that exceed the threshold limits set by the Policy unless an exemption has been granted by an Operator. The Operator will be responsible for payment of registry-level fees to ICANN for any transactions that do not result in a refund of the registration fee.

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