vendredi 4 mars 2005

Writing Ads and Marketing (in French)

Ads and Marketing French Translator

[Laboratoire de réflexion et de traduction de l'anglais (et/ou de l'italien) vers le français, pour partager des ressources anglophones avec un public francophone]

I do believe that English is definitively the Marketing Language. Alas! I'm French, so I deal with this antinomic postulate translating from English into French.

  • Adscriptor stands for Ads & Marketing Translator,
  • Adscriptum stands for Ads & Marketing Translatum, and
  • Adscripting stands for Ads & Marketing Writing

BTW if you need to make your message heard in French, you can always have a look to my Web site for learn a bit more about me.
That's all for this first post.
Read you soon! :-)

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